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Naomi Krüger

Naomi Kruger

Naomi Krüger is a writer based in Lancashire. Her debut novel, May, (Seren, 2018) is partly narrated by a character with dementia and explores the complexity of memory from multiple perspectives. Her short fiction has been published in Wag’s Revue, commended by Aesthetica, shortlisted for the Galley Beggar Press Short Story Prize, and commissioned for various anthologies.

In 2021 she was awarded an Eccles Centre Fellowship at the British Library to explore transatlantic connections of faith, conversion, and emigration in early Mormonism as research for her second novel. She has an MA and PhD from Lancaster University, and

is a Senior Lecturer in Literature and Creative Writing at the University of Central Lancashire.


Debut Novel

Novel front cover - May by Naomi Kruger



The door to the past has been locked to May but fragments of memories still remain: a boy running on the green, his fiery hair, a letter without a stamp, a secret she promised not to tell. She can’t piece together the past or even make sense of the present, but she revisits what she knows again and again. The boy, the letter, the secret. She can’t grasp what they mean, but maybe the people she’s loved and lost can uncover the mystery of the red-headed boy and his connection to May.

Like memories, the book moves through the decades, weaving together the lives of May’s family and the woman who cares for her at the nursing home. Their recollections are linked by feelings of doubt, remorse and a sense that they are mourning the paths their lives could have taken. Aftershocks from the past reverberate in the present.

Naomi Kruger’s debut novel is a contemplative tale of what it means to carry the past with you and the power of letting it go.

'A rewarding read: an ambitious novel that speaks to our times.' – Wales Arts Review

'An exquisitely written novel.' – Jan Carson

'A triumph... contemporary, funny, relevant and personal.' – Buzz Magazine

'A deftly-written and highly moving account of the effects of dementia.' – Everybody's Reviewing

Short Fiction

Short Fiction

'In My Father's House are Many Mansions'

'In My Father's House are Many Mansions' Shortlisted for the Galley Beggar Press Short Story Prize 2022/23

'Empire Day'

'Empire Day' featured in the ACE-funded Lancashire Stories Anthology

'People Who Want History Want History'

'People Who Want History Want History' published in A Little Unsteadily into Light: Dementia Inspired Fiction Anthology (New Island, 2022)


'Pottery' named the winning story in the 2009 Winter Fiction Contest in Wag's Revue


'Causeway' featured in Flax 030 anthology The Language of Footprints (Lancaster Litfest 2012)


'Ivory' featured in Flax 021 This Road We're On (Lancaster Litfest 2010)

Mon 22nd Aug 2022

In The News


Read an interview about my shortlisted story 'In My Father's House are Many Mansions' here.

Podcast Interview on a new short story 'Empire Day' published in the Lancashire Stories Anthology in Autumn 2022

'I Grew up as a Mormon, now I will delve deeper' Lancashire Evening Post article on being awarded an Eccles Centre fellowship to research my 2nd novel

'Transatlantic Mormon Connections and Historical Fiction' - British Library Blog on my experience as a 2021 Eccles Centre Visiting Fellow.


''We have to find more hopeful ways to represent dementia' – Northern Soul Interview


Tues 27 June 2023

Lancashire Stories Meet the Author

Kingsfold Library, Preston, 18:00-19:00

Thurs 29th June 2023

Writing Place and Climate: Reading & Discussion

How Humanities Can Save the World Festival: University of Central Lancashire, 19:00-20:00

Previous Events


Thurs 23 March 2023

Lancashire Stories Meet the Author

Longton Library, Preston, 17:15-18:45


Mon 22nd Aug 2022

Summer Scholars talk on Transatlantic Mormon Connections and Historical Fiction

British Library, London, 12:30-1:30

Wed 15th Sep 2021

Dementia Fiction Festival, Queens University, Belfast (online event)

Sat 28th Sep 2019

All things being equal

Community Performance Night Celebrating Women's Voices

(Supporting Morecambe Foodbank)

The Hothouse, Morecambe, 7:30pm

Sun 9th June 2019

Weekend of Words Festival

Victoria Baths, Manchester


Wed 20th March 2019

Women of the World Festival

Halton Library

Tues 26th Feb 2019

Book Panel (Preston Book Group)

The Townhouse Cafe, Preston

Tuesday 22nd May 2018, 2:30 pm

Leyland Library (Dementia Awareness Week)

Thursday 3rd May 2018, 7pm

Book Launch at Waterstones, Fishergate, Preston

Saturday 28th April 2018, 7pm

Book Launch at Waterstones, King Street, Lancaster 

Thursday 5th April 2018, 7:30pm

First Thursday at Chapter Arts, Cardiff

Friday 23rd Feb 2018, 7:30pm

Reading at Ham & Jam Café, Preston


Please contact me below with any enquiries about workshops, interviews or events.

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